Key Account Services

IMEA provides members with value-added services to develop and enhance their relationships with key accounts. 

Rate Surveys, Rate Comparisons and Energy Audits

IMEA provides developmental tools and resource information to help answer specific questions from key commercial/industrial or residential customers. IMEA Board members can call upon IMEA staff to perform rate surveys and comparisons. Also, as a service to commercial/industrial customers that want to become more energy efficient, IMEA staff can conduct an energy audit that often results in recommendations for low-cost or no-cost actions a customer can take to reduce or shift energy use to optimize the overall cost of operations. 

Infrared Scanning

IMEA owns an infrared scanner that can be used at system facilities, such as substations, or at IMEA member-served facilities to detect heat loss, which may signal sub-optimal performance of electrical equipment or thermal losses at a facility.