Transitioning to the Future

Climate change is a critical issue for our member electric utilities, their customers, and the nation. 
IMEA is committed to doing our part by transitioning our portfolio in a responsible fashion that ensures a reliable and affordable power supply for our member communities.  Our owners, member municipalities throughout Illinois, have provided a clear vision that calls on IMEA for the following:

  • Accelerate its investments in renewable clean energy resources,
  • Offer demand reduction opportunities and efficiencies to reduce future resource capacity needs,
  • Advance electric vehicles and EV infrastructure, and
  • Explore new technologies to support the changes needed for a clean future, such as battery storage.

Our sustainability plan highlights our pathway toward future actions and acknowledges the actions we are taking today.  We will review this plan annually and report to the IMEA Board on our progress towards the goals.  IMEA will also update the plan on a three-year cycle. This will ensure that the goals remain current to the membership and that IMEA remains a strong organization going forward to help our member communities reach their collective goals for affordable, reliable and sustainable electricity.

We recognize that IMEA’s success is our member communities’ success and we look forward to continuing to be a partner in creating a more sustainable future for all of our member municipalities.

Click here to learn more about IMEA's Sustainability Plan