IMEA Members

IMEA Energy Members

Through strength in numbers, IMEA assembles knowledge, resources, and influence that reach far beyond that of any one member. IMEA empowers municipal utility systems to join forces and benefit from collective strength in numbers for energy procurement, industry expertise and value-added services – all made possible through partnership.  By pooling resources, public power utilities gain the economies of scale needed to operate efficiently in today’s marketplace.

A SEAT AT THE TABLE:  IMEA was formed by our members who continue to govern our organization.  Through membership in IMEA, communities have a seat at the table, driving all major decisions about every aspect of their wholesale power-supply services.

A COLLECTIVE VOICE:  IMEA advocates for outcomes that support our communities.  Together we have a stronger voice.

LOCAL CONTROL:  Members and communities retain control over their own rates, services and utility-related solutions to fit unique local needs and plans.