IMEA Power Resources

Baseload Electric Resources

IMEA’s ownership shares in baseload electric generation units enhance the security, fuel diversity, reliability and resiliency of our overall power supply.

Prairie State Units 1 & 2

IMEA is one of nine Midwestern-based public power entities with partial ownership interest in the Prairie State Generating Company, which is comprised of a mine-mouth power plant that incorporates the newest and best available technology and environmental controls.  Prairie State’s power plant incorporates supercritical technology in the boiler, effectively producing more energy with less CO2 emissions.

15.17% Ownership

Units 1 & 2

(246 megawatts) 

Trimble County Units 1 & 2

The Trimble County units are located in Kentucky.  TC1 is a subcritical unit and TC2 is a supercritical unit. Both units have considerable control systems to reduce emissions.

12.12% Ownership

 Units 1 & 2 

(153 megawatts)