IMEA and IPEA Set Policies on Board Meeting Participation

Date Posted: 2023-05-02

The Governor’s COVID-19 Disaster Proclamation, which allowed for virtual attendance and participation at board meetings of public bodies, expires on May 11. Going forward, both the Illinois Municipal Electric Agency (IMEA) and the Illinois Public Energy Agency (IPEA) have established policies for attendance and participation in board meetings.

“Watch only” webinar versions of IMEA Board Meetings and Executive Board Meetings will be made available to board members and the public. However, Board Members and Executive Board Members who wish to speak and vote at their respective meetings will need to attend meetings in person. Members of the public who wish to provide public comments will also need to attend in person.

Board member participation and voting for IPEA Board Meetings will require in-person attendance. Members of the public who want to participate in the public comment portion of the meetings will also need to attend in person.