Breese’s Dale Detmer Earns National Award

Date Posted: 2023-06-20

Dale Detmer, the Plant Operations Manager for Breese, IL and the IMEA Board of Directors Immediate Past Chairman, has been honored with the American Public Power Association’s (APPA) Larry Hobart Seven Hats Award. The presentation was made on June 20 at the Association’s National Conference, which took place in Seattle, Washington.

Detmer’s career in public power spans nearly 30 years. With the award, the APPA recognizes his skills as an administrator who heads not only the city’s electric distribution system, but also oversees the city’s water production and power plant operations.

In making the award, APPA noted that Detmer is responsible for the day-to-day planning and design work on the city electric distribution and power generation systems. During his tenure, projects that were primarily planned and designed by Detmer include the installation of two new electro-motive diesel generators of 2.8 MW each, bringing the city’s generation total to approximately 13.1 MW. That upgrade required a reconfiguration of the power plant, which was also accomplished. Detmer also recently completed the construction of new distribution upgrades around the city and an analysis of the future of an interconnect line with a neighboring municipal utility.

In addition, Detmer develops budgets and capital expenditure plans for all the functions he administers, schedules and monitors the daily work of the city electric and water employees, and handles all public and press inquiries related to the city’s utilities.

Beyond his service to city government, Detmer is a strong advocate for public power throughout Illinois and the U.S. He has served on the board of directors of the Energy Education Council and has spent a considerable portion of his career on the Board of Directors of the Illinois Municipal Utilities Association and the Illinois Municipal Electric Agency. He was IMEA’s Board Chairman until his term ended due to term limits. He has attended APPA’s National Conference and annually participates in the APPA’s Legislative Rally in Washington, D.C.

The APPA’s Larry Hobart Seven Hats Award recognizes managers of small utilities serving fewer than 2,500 meters. These managers have a very small staff and must assume multiple roles. The seven hats they must wear are: planning and design, administration, public relations, field supervision, accounting, human resources, and community leadership.

Detmer is due to retire from the City of Breese later this summer. We congratulate him on an outstanding career and on winning this award, which, we hope, serves as a final feather in all seven of his hats. Well done, Dale.