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About IMEA Electric Efficiency Program for Commercial/Industrial and Public-Sector Projects FY2019-20


Click on the links below to access the pre- and final applications for incentives for electric efficiency projects in IMEA member cities. These are in PDF format. You will need to download them, complete them manually, and make a new PDF to e-mail to the IMEA Electric Efficiency Program Manager.

NOTE: ALL PROJECTS NEED PRE-APPROVAL. Projects that hope to receive an incentive should not begin until they receive a Notice to Proceed and have had a pre-inspection (if required by the city). Projects can take as long as three weeks to earn pre-approval. However, during busy periods (e.g., in the first few weeks of the program year) the pre-approval process may take longer. Applicants are advised to give plenty of lead time and be as flexible as possible with project start dates.

Applications for Commercial/Industrial Customers and Public-Sector Facilities Served by an IMEA Member Municipal Electric System

Applications for Projects at IMEA Member Municipal Utilities and/or IMEA Member Municipal Facilities ONLY

        •   10. Municipally Managed Residential Central AC and Air Source Heat Pump Program – Coming soon, ETA = Summer 2019
        •   11. Municipally Managed Electric Vehicle Charging Station Initiative

Funding Availability:
Currently all IMEA Member Cities have Electric Efficiency Program funds available to use for incentives commercial industrial projects. Check this site for funding availability notices before you make an application or contact the IMEA program administrator for more information.

A Complete Pre-Application Consists of:
  1. The properly completed project application found at
  2. A project budget.
  3. Spec sheets for new equipment and (if necessary) proof that installed measures are ENERGY STAR rated, DLC listed, have the proper SEER rating, etc.
  4. A copy of the applicant’s electricity bill.
  5. A signed letter of assignment, if the incentive will go to any entity other than the local applicant or the national headquarters of the local applicant.
Please use the application checklist found in each application to assure that you are sending complete applications and that you are sending them to the program administrator in the correct fashion (generally in a single PDF file). Incomplete or incorrectly submitted applications will be returned to the applicant for correction, thus slowing down the application process and potentially causing the applicant to miss out on funding availability.


This Electric Efficiency program is available to the membership (and members’ retail customers) of the Illinois Municipal Electric Agency (IMEA). It is administered and funded through IMEA. FY2019-20 of the program runs from May 1, 2019 through April 30, 2020. Funds are allocated to IMEA members based on a prorated share of their electric purchases from the IMEA. Commercial/ industrial and public-sector facilities served by members can apply for funds using the forms posted on this Web page from May 1, 2019 until a particular form is superseded by a subsequent revision or until the program ends or until an IMEA Member municipality allocates all its available program funding for the FY.

NOTE: The qualifying efficient commercial/industrial measures and the assumptions of existing conditions for prescriptive-measure projects seek to comport with the Illinois Statewide Technical Reference Manual (TRM) for Energy Efficiency Version 7.0 Volume 2 Commercial and Industrial Measures. Applicants who want a more extensive and authoritative description of qualified measures may access the TRM at:

The process for applying, completing and receiving incentives for electric efficiency projects is described by the following list:

Steps for Applying for and Earning an IMEA Electric Efficiency Incentive

  1. Before you start the project or the application process, contact the program administrator to determine if funds are available for your project. Because each IMEA city has different amounts of funding and it sometimes is very quickly used, and also because all projects require pre-approval, it’s a good idea to contact the program administrator before making an application. E-mail or call Rodd Whelpley at or at 217-789-4632.

  2. Fill out the appropriate application. There are six types of applications for this program available to qualified commercial/industrial customers and public-sector facilities. The application(s) you use depend on the measures you wish to install. (If an electric efficiency project at a specific facility encompasses more than one “family” of electric efficiency measures, then the applicant must divide the project into multiple projects by family and submit one project application per family of measures.) The “families” and their measures are as follows.

    For FY2019-20 only, applications for incentives for projects in five additional electric efficiency “measure families” are available ONLY for projects at member municipal facilities that are served by member municipal electric systems. NOTE: Applications for these projects must be initiated by the IMEA Board Member representing the municipality or by a municipal official.

Application forms may be found at

  1. Send the application to the program administrator who will forward it to the city for pre-approval. All projects require pre-approval. IMEA will review the pre-application and then send it to city officials for a decision on whether the project will be offered an incentive. City review of a custom project may take longer than for prescriptive projects. We generally ask the city for a pre-approval decision within two weeks of the city’s receiving the pre-application.

  2. IMEA (the program administrator) issues a Notice to Proceed to the applicant. Applicants hoping to receive an incentive should not start their project before they get a Notice to Proceed. The Notice to Proceed will earmark specific funding for the project and will outline the process for completing the project and making the final application for an incentive. NOTE: The IMEA Member Municipality may offer an incentive of anywhere between $0 and the amount for which the project is eligible per the pre-application. DO NOT ASSUME the project will be offered a specific incentive amount until you receive a Notice to Proceed.

  3. Applicant does the project. Some projects (especially custom projects) will require pre- and post-inspections. Applicants should refer to their Notice to Proceed for instructions and note any special requirements (e.g., pre- and post-inspections; before and after photo requirements; city permitting, etc.).

  4. Applicant makes a final application. After the project is complete and the applicant has had a post-inspection (if required), the applicant makes a final application and sends it to the program administrator. Essentially, this is the same application as the pre-application but with revised (if needed) information and with copies of all paid, itemized invoices relating to the project instead of a project budget. The program administrator will likely offer ways to streamline the final application process for those projects that did not deviate from how they were described in the pre-application.

  5. IMEA will review the final application and will send the incentive check to the applicant. After the final application is analyzed and found to be complete and acceptable, IMEA will issue the incentive payment to the applicant.


Eligible projects must be located in Illinois and receive electric service from the IMEA or an IMEA Member. Projects must produce electricity savings through efficiency improvements in commercial, industrial or public-sector buildings, equipment, or processes. Ineligible projects include repairs of existing equipment, fuel switching, new electric generation or those projects solely related to demand response or demand control. Project paybacks must occur before the projected end of the equipment life.

Incentive Awards. The total incentive cannot exceed 75 percent of the total project cost. IMEA reserves the right to review applications, withhold funding or negotiate incentive levels. Bid prices must be in line with current market conditions for similar projects/conditions.

Payment Schedule/Reporting and Project Monitoring. The Notice to Proceed (sent upon approval of the pre-application) will specify the conditions of payment and the payment schedule. Grantees will allow officials from the IMEA Member municipalities and IMEA officials access to their site to verify project issues. Energy savings numbers will be shared with IMEA (for public release unless specifically noted as confidential or proprietary).

Ownership/Use of Equipment. Equipment must remain in place for at least the lesser of five years or “useful life.”

IMEA Not Liable. Grantee shall hold the IMEA Member and the IMEA harmless from any and all claims, demands, and actions based upon or arising out of any services performed by Grantee or by their agents or employees under a grant agreement.

Indemnity. The Grantee agrees to assume all risks of loss and to indemnify and hold the IMEA Member and the IMEA, their officers, agents and employees, harmless from and against any and all liabilities, demands, claims, damages, suits, costs, fees, and expenses, incidents thereto, for injuries or death to persons and for loss of, damage to, or destruction of property because of the Grantee’s negligence, intentional acts or omissions. In the event of any demand or claim, the IMEA may elect to defend any such demand or claim against the IMEA and will be entitled to be paid by the Grantee for all costs and damages.

Term and Application. Applications under this program will be accepted on an ongoing basis, subject to funding availability. Applications shall be printed or typed on the current approved forms and/or worksheets. Applications must be complete (see the Pre-Application and Final Application checklists) to receive consideration. Subject to a programmatic change enacted by the IMEA Board of Directors, approved projects will have reserved funds until April 30, 2019 or until a grant expiration date as noted on a project’s Notice to Proceed document. Final application, reflecting the measures and equipment actually installed, must be submitted within 45 days of project completion. Project documentation, such as copies of dated invoices for the purchase and installation of the measures and/or product specification sheets, is required. Applications will be screened by the Member community and the IMEA. The IMEA Member will have final say as to the priority of project funding in its community. Decisions on project priority and funding awarded to any project will be communicated to the IMEA through the IMEA Board Member representing the Member community.

Incentive Payments. Final application, reflecting the measures and equipment actually installed, must be submitted within 45 days of project completion. Project documentation, such as copies of dated, itemized invoices for the purchase and installation of the measures and/or product specification sheets, is required. The IMEA will review the final application. Applications that satisfy the review will be processed upon IMEA approval. The incentive will be the amount for which the project qualifies up to the amount that was obligated for the project in the project’s Notice to Proceed, subject to funding availability.